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Endings Guide – How to Get All Secret Endings

Lord of the Frenzied Flame is another secret ending with Ring of Elden. The process to get it doesn’t require full quest completion, but there are some important caveats to be aware of.

First, as you make your way to the Giant Peaks, you’ll meet a samurai NPC who tells you that the girl (Melina) can be saved if you become the kindling that burns the Erdtree.

You can then return to Leyndell Royal Capital to reach the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. At the bottom you will come across the Church of the Forsaken where you can fight Mohg the Harbinger.

At the altar, remove all of your character’s armor and weapons. This will make the illusory wall disappear. Use the wooden beams and ledges to reach the bottom of the pit, after which you’ll see an ominous looking door. At this point, we advise you to have a separate backup.

If your character is not wearing gear, you can open the door to meet the three fingers. By bestowing its blessing/curse, your character will be charred. But it will also give you the option to burn the Erdtree on your own.

The ending cinematic shows your character, now with a head that is an eye of a singularity, surrounded by the flames of hell. You will then see a huge ball of fire escape from the Erdtree and engulf the earth.

If Melina has already sacrificed herself at the Forge of Giants, the cutscene ends there. But if you managed to save her from this fate, she will have an extra scene.

Finally, remember that this path will exclude you from all other ending choices (i.e. the default variant and those in quests) regardless of what requirements you have met. That’s why we advise you to make a separate save if you want to get all the end achievements without having to replay the campaign.

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