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Elden Ring creator describes how Game of Thrones fans will recognize George RR Martin’s familiar touch in the lore of the game

George rr martin is one of the most famous writers in the world today. The television adaptation of his work, Game of thrones, has been dubbed the greatest television show of the 21st century. Fans of the hugely popular TV series are familiar with his work, especially the way he writes inherently complicated political dramas alongside the most tragic deaths. He teamed up with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the influential creator of the video game series Dark souls, to create Ancient ring. Miyazaki explained to Entertainment Weekly why Game of Thrones fans will recognize Martin’s magical touch while exploring the lore of the game.


George RR Martin wrote the original myth of this game “, Kitao said through a translator. “He created a backstory or story that takes place many years before the events of the game itself, and he wrote it in conjunction with Miyazaki. They consulted, discussed and exchanged ideas, but George Martin initially spearheaded this writing process.

Kitao continued: “With that origin myth over, George RR Martin was kind enough to leave this in our hands, so to speak, and do with it whatever we want.

“George provided this lineage or lineages of characters and, like George, he created a lot of political intrigue and a lot of these family ties that have shaped a lot of our characters in the game world today. It was a really interesting process, and he felt unrestrained despite the fact that he wrote this key piece. “

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Has largely succeeded in winning over its audiences, breaking records in popularity, audience and box office revenue. The latest installment in the ever-sprawling cinematic universe will hit the big screen soon, and fans are already thrilled with it. Game of thrones Fans are doubly excited, as series alumni Kit Harington and Richard Madden finally make their MCU debuts. However, when it comes to revealing details, Marvel is known to be ridiculously mum. So much so that even the actors do not know anything about the scenario.

In a recent appearance on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon, Harington confessed that he didn’t know much about his Eternals character when he was chosen for the role.

He said, “I did not receive a script. They just sent me: ‘This is who you’re playing against’. So I just had to google the character. It’s, you know, a hell of a way to determine who you play. I googled it. He’s a character called Dane Whitman, and I realized he had a sword and he was riding a horse. And I was like, ‘I know this guy. I was that guy.

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Social media platforms have become an integral part of our lives. Almost all the celebrities use different apps and websites to keep their fans updated on their activities and interact with them. Kit Harington from Game of Thrones is an exception to this rule, as the actor is not active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook despite his worldwide popularity as a Jon Snow. And he has very good reasons why he avoids them.

I don’t hate social media, I don’t fully trust it. And with that, I mean I don’t trust myself on it. I don’t think it will be very good for my mental health. I just avoid it and find an easier way to live my life. Plus, I think my wife would pick me up every day if I went to social media. So I just won’t suffer this ”, Harington said PTI in a group interview.

Earlier in a similar interview, Harington opened up about his mental health issues and how he dealt with them. He admitted to being addicted and depressed after Game of Thrones ended.

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Some actors know their roles so well that they become so in the eyes of the public. Game of thrones Star Kit Harington became famous when his character Jon Snow became a household name after the show’s huge success. However, playing the role for nearly a decade hasn’t been easy for the 34-year-old actor.

In a promotional interview for the series Modern love, Kit spoke to PTI on his career plans. He said, “I can’t answer this question because I never really had a plan. I just go where the writing looks good and the thing works with my life. And I try to choose the parts that I find interesting.


“I did that (Modern Love) because it was a little lighter. You know, for 10 years I maybe did the least comedic character on TV. Like literally couldn’t do a joke. And when they played a joke on me, it just didn’t work. So doing something like Modern Love, where there is a bit of humor and lightness, seemed like a very refreshing thing to me. to do.

“I love the anthology stuff. It is a piece of anthology. I did Criminal, which I loved. I’m doing another piece of this, which is quite similar.

“It kind of gives me the opportunity to jump in, tell this little story and get out. And then this tiny little piece of bedroom exists and hopefully speaks to people. But it’s very manageable. Harington said.

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