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Edited ‘Crepe’ Wikipedia Page to Call It a ‘Type of Dosa’ in Perfect Desi Clapback

Dosa, the staple food of South India, has been heavily reviled on social media lately, starting with being dipped in a ton of cheese to slapped on ice cream. It has also often been culturally appropriated, as has Desi roti, both of which are called versions of “pancake”, “bread” or “pancake” by unknown non-Indians. Dosa is a thin pancake originating from southern India, made from a fermented batter consisting mostly of lentils and rice.” In a previous update, the definition had included “pancake” alongside “crepe Seemingly in response to the pinning of Dosa’s definition of pancakes, an Indian presumably decided to edit the Wikipedia page for pancake, writing, “A pancake or pancake is a very thin type of dosa.

The current pancake Wikipedia page has since been updated to include Dosa as a “similar” dish. It now reads: “A pancake or crepe…is a very thin type of pancake similar to dosa, a savory counterpart from southern India.” The definition of Dosa remains the same. The pancake page points out several issues, the need for citations, and a “tone or style” that is not similar to the encyclopedic tone used by Wikipedia. Since anyone can edit Wikipedia, pranksters regularly mess around with definitions for various purposes.

The following image shows the previous definition of the two dishes.

The image below shows the current Wikipedia page for pancake, since modified.

It’s just more proof that you don’t mess with Desi food without repercussions. Recently, an etiquette coach shared a rather well-meaning video on how to enjoy their Indian meal. The video found its way to Twitter and, needless to say, it didn’t go over well. The etiquette coach claimed that dal, curry or rajma should not be poured over the entire portion of rice and should only be dispensed a spoonful at a time, vegetables can be mixed with dal but no more than two foods should be mixed together, and also that curd should not be mixed with everything. This begs the question: who on Earth cares what other people mix up on their own plate? Needless to say, the coach has been trolled a bit on social media.

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