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Doom Creator denies the theory that the game is set in 2022

It’s been almost two years since the pandemic began, and if you thought things were starting to look up, you haven’t considered the imminent threat of a demonic invasion. Fans of the Doom series have suggested that the events of the game begin on March 15, 2022, just under two months away.

As spotted by PCGamesN, the Doom Fandom Wiki quotes the original SNES manual for Doom to say that March 15 of this year is when Mars receives a message from Phobos Base, saying it is being attacked by demons, triggering the events of Doom as we know them. And as the internet usually does, this information has been widely disseminated, appealing to the cynical perspectives the past two years have spurred.

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However, it looks like we don’t have to worry about the demonic invasion. E1M1 magazine claims to have gone straight to the source and asked one of Doom’s creators, John Romero, about this theory. “No, it’s not. It was the SNES manual that we didn’t write,” he reportedly said. It turns out that the SNES manual in question was not written by the original creators of the series, and is therefore not canon. This is good news overall, as a demonic invasion would be the last thing we need right now.

However, should the demons invade, they are definitely ready for a fight. While we may not have the Doom Slayer to fend them off, we have an army of rats trained just for that. Neuroengineer Viktor Toth allowed rats to play Doom 2 via an elaborate device. Romero, Carmack and Tom, as they are known, were part of an experiment to allow scientists to inexpensively develop training programs for other rats in a virtual environment. Either that or Tot was one of those who believed the events of Doom would take place in 2022 and was preparing for it.

It seems he wanted to send a warning to the demons before they decided to invade. In a recent interview, Toth admitted that he considered starting a Twitch channel for his Demon Slayer Rats.

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