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Do we need more events like this in the future?

Recently, we’ve seen a series of “creator-led” boxing matches around the world. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the likes of KSI, Logan and Jake Paul, Joe Weller, MoneyKicks, and even FaZe Jarvis step into the ring to throw a few punches. However, on May 14, an unprecedented event took place, with 18 content creators traveling to Florida to participate in the first-ever Clash of the creators. It was a sold-out show that left fans wondering whether or not we need more events like this in the future?

Before the show even started, a Creator Clash 2 event was teased. There’s no doubting the popularity of this event, with the 10,000-seat arena sold out and hundreds of thousands watching from all over the world. Some of the biggest names in content creation have been featured at this event as a competitor or commentator.

Given the Creator Clash successand the growth of these types of boxing matches in general, do we need more events like this in the future?

Clash of the creators: how it all happened

“Dad” won his match in record time.

There is often an air of intense competition and rivalry around boxing, but the shock of the creators was, for the most part, a good-humoured event. For starters, all proceeds from the event were to be donated to the American Heart Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. For content creators competing at Creator Clash, they may have taken the event seriously, but it was another opportunity to get their names in the lights.

here is the summary of matches fought in Creator Clash:

  • Matt Watson (SuperMega) vs. Dad – Dad (TKO R1)
  • Ryan Magee (SuperMega) vs. Alex Ernst – Alex Ernst (Decision)
  • Internet Comment Tag Featuring Erik vs. DJ Welch – DJ Welch (TKO R2)
  • I Did a Thing vs TheOdd1sOut – I Did a Thing (TKO R1)
  • Yodeling Haley vs. JustaMinx – JustaMinx (TKO R5)
  • Graham Stephen vs. Michael Reeves – Michael Reeves (TKO R2)
  • Arin Hanson (Game Grumps) vs. Harley (Epic Meal Time) – Harley (TKO R2)
  • iDubbbz vs. Doctor Mike – Doctor Mike (Decision)

There were some key moments to pull from this impressive and prestigious list of fights. For example, the Matt Watson vs. Dad fight completed in record time, with Dad getting a 22-second TKO against Watson, a fighter nearly two decades his junior. Elsewhere, in the Hanson vs. Harley showdown, the brawl ended with Harley calling Dr Disrespectdemanding that the 6.8″, two-time consecutive world champion step into the ring with him.

An event like no other

This good-natured and healthy event attracted a massive audience from all over the world. There were 10,000 spectators in the stadium, a crowded stream and countless creators piggybacking on the back of the main show. Given the undeniable success of the event and a teased follow-up show, many people argue that these types of events should happen with more regularity.

After the event, countless creators took to the social airwaves to (semi-seriously) ask other creators for fights. Not only does this cross industries, bringing boxing and content creation together, but for the most part, these events benefit charitable causes. They are almost always loved by fans and viewers, and that gives creators another platform to grow on. Ultimately, it’s something “different” for viewers who have been watching these creators, in some cases, for many, many years.

There are many popular content creators to power these events for years to come. If this becomes a big event in the future, we might see the integration of some betting markets, better media coverage and a bigger show on the pitch.

Which creators should get in the ring Next?

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