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Diamond Dallas Page teases future WWE or AEW appearance

As Sting showed in AEW, retirement in pro wrestling is a fluid build. At the age of 62, The Icon is an ongoing feature on AEW TV alongside Darby Allin, sparking discussions about who else can follow suit.

WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page is an example of this, having returned to action at AEW’s Bash at the Beach in a trio match against MJF & Butcher and the Blade. As part of the legendary Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards panel, DDP had the opportunity to give some insight into his future in the ring:

“I don’t know if I would do it anymore. I could do a Diamond Cutter out of nowhere. Two years ago, maybe two years and a week ago, when I did that match on AEW for Tony Khan, having of course with MJF who I think is one of the greatest talents on the planet. But being there with guys like QT [Marshall] and Dustin [Rhodes] and against guys like MJF and The Blade and the Butcher; if there was nobody, I would never have done it.”

He continued to ponder the question, impressed by the prospect that his last wrestling move might be a rope dive. He hasn’t ruled out a return, loving the idea of ​​wrestling at 70, potentially giving fans a waiting window:

“Because there was adrenaline, I was 64 at the time, 64, you know. Go out there and do what I did and then come off the top rope to these guys on the floor. Yeah, here it is The last move I’ll make in pro wrestling is a little crazy for me. But who knows, I might show up somewhere, whether it’s WWE or AEW, and drop a Diamond Cutter on someone I don’t know. It’s always possible, I’d love to do it when I’m 70. I’ve got four more years before I get there.

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Diamond Dallas Page made his AEW debut at age sixty-four

Diamond Dallas Page is a wrestling legend, having enjoyed a lifelong career littered with accolades in WWE and WCW. After making ringside appearances at All In and on Dynamite, DDP made his ringside return against MJF, the Butcher and the Blade. His AEW debut was his last match to date, aged 64.

Teaming up with fellow WCW veteran Dustin Rhodes and Nightmare Factory trainer QT Marshall, Page sought to avenge his friend Cody Rhodes after MJF cost him the World Title. The team fell short when MJF rolled up Marshall, calling DDP’s final in-ring exit a defeat.

Readers can join the Positively Unstoppable Challenge launched by DDP this link.

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