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Dementium co-creator wants to make another horror game

The horror genre is neither new nor bland in the gaming community. He’s been here a long time and has given us all sorts of spooky ghosts and nightmares, while entertaining us in all sorts of ways. Recently, there has been a resurgence of the genre thanks to extremely popular and well-made games, such as Resident Evil Village and the RE2 and 3 remakes, which have also benefited their backers.

Old fans of the genre may remember Dementium. For those unaware, Dementium: The Ward was a fairly successful horror title for the Nintendo DS. It was originally offered to Konami as a Silent Hill title for the console, but Konami turned the developer down, so the title was turned into a separate IP. The developer then created a sequel titled Dementium II, which was also moderately successful. However, the developer quickly shut it down and the IP was bought by developer Red Barrels, who reworked the series into a spiritual successor, the massively popular and well-received title Outlast.

Jools Watsham, the co-creator of the Dementium franchise, went on to create a new studio, Atooi, and created several retro-inspired games, but did not return to the horror genre. At least not until now. Recently, a Twitter user Mr Meatbox posted a screenshot of the co-creator indicating that his studio spent 2021 creating a new concept titled “Kill the Train”. In the screenshot of the Discord post, it further states that the core concept behind it is “Dementia on a Train” and that they pitched the project to several publishers, and although many seemed interested, none finalized a deal.

Jools also says he’s sure they can create “an exciting new survival horror experience”, and therefore needs help getting the word out that could possibly connect him with a publisher. The fact that Jools himself retweeted At Mr. Meatbox tweet serves to prove the legitimacy of the screenshot. In fact, he later posted the alleged still image from the game on his own account as well.

Although the concept does indeed sound enticing, there is no guarantee that it will be released. However, gamers seem interested in seeing the game become a reality. Hopefully the concept catches the attention of publishers, so we can see Kill Train in action soon.

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