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Deadpool Creator Reveals Why He’s Still Nervous About The MCU Crossover

When Disney’s acquisition of Fox was made official nearly three years ago, Marvel Studios came into possession of some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. This included the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and everyone’s favorite mercenary with a mouth Deadpool. As fans eagerly await the arrival of the MCU mutants and the Fantastic Four, Deadpool is a pretty big question mark for the franchise.

While these other names will likely be recast and have a whole new story, dead Pool 3 is in pre-production with the team behind the first two films under the Fox banner. Accompanying the movie seems to be that Wade Wilson fans already know Ryan Reynolds.


But ever since the House of Mouse bought those rights, the question has been asked what a Marvel Studios Deadpool movie would look like. Could Disney Back a Fully R-Rated Marvel Adventure? Well, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was candid about Disney buying the character, and he’s back with more to say on the matter.

Nervous about Deadpool at Disney


Appearing on The Big Thing PodcastDeadpool creator Rob Liefeld admitted he was nervous about Disney acquiring his beloved character and what a Marvel Studios Deadpool movie would even look like.

Liefeld told hosts Coy Jandreau and Kristian Harloff that he, “sure,” is nervous:


“Am I nervous? YES! Of course I am. Listen man, I don’t know what’s going on. And that response actually triggered my dog. I shouted too loud. I scared him. The thing is of course. Here’s the deal, when I’m a comic book savant, the minute I saw the trailers of what they were releasing, everything got shoved on the schedule.”

While Marvel Studios Has Movies Centered On The Eternals, Black Widow, And Shang-Chi, The Comic Scribe Wish They Did “Just give us what we want” in the Fantastic Four and the X-Men:

“But at the end of the day, 2021, everything they gave you was born out of the 1970s. Shang-Chi was introduced. Black Widow really took off in the 70s as a solo character after appearing at the end The Eternals were completely born out of the 70s And again with Black Widow and Taskmaster in the 80s Red Guardian I mean everything they showed you in Black Widow is ultimately the bronze age of comics. In 2021, we had what is my childhood. And again, there’s the golden age, the silver age, the bronze age, modern age. And I go on, can we just have the X-Men? Like you know what, just give us what we want. What I want is I want the Fantastic Four, I want the X-Men.”

The writer went on to say that MCU fans are growing, mentioning that “Marvel fan turns 12 Iron Man,” so it’s time for Disney to invest in “a mature branch” of the franchise:

“My son with on his 16th birthday with his whole varsity basketball team, we took them. We asked what do you want? And he said I want opening night Civil war IMAX. Boom! This photo is on his bulletin board in his room. I watch it all the time and I can’t believe all this, you know, when I was a kid, sports people didn’t like comics. But the whole varsity basketball team that we took to see Civil war. They grow from that. Marvel fan turns 12 Iron Man or older. And I’m with Coy, get a mature branch.

As to whether he thinks the investment in mature content will actually happen, Liefeld asked fans to “wake him up in two years and show him it worked:”


“Do I trust Disney is going to make an R-rated movie? Can you wake me up in two years and show me it worked?”

The Marvel figurehead offered advice, saying it would be best if Disney “just [got] out of the way by Ryan Reynolds” and let him make the movie he wants to make:

“The thing with Disney and Deadpool, listen, my thing is to get you out of the way of Ryan Reynolds. His imprimatur is so felt on both movies, he lives in those movies, he’s at those fan screenings, he’s in the editing room, he’s giving lots of notes.”

Basically it would be fine if the House of Mouse went to Reynolds and said “You’re locked here on Deadpool. Go ahead, do this:”

“I would just be happy to know that [Disney & Marvel Studios] would be like, ‘Look, we’re busy trying to get people to pay attention to the Eternals. You are stuck here on Deadpool. Go ahead, do this! Blank check, Deadpool.'”

Will Deadpool work at Disney?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?


While Deadpool has now worked for two films doing his own unique thing in the superhero genre, these two films aren’t from the same company that likes to promote that family/fun for all ages image. The math is a little different now that this R-rated comedy comes from the same studio that brought the likes of The Lion King, The beauty and the Beastand Dumbo.

But maybe Liefeld is here. Disney is going to have to make a decision on what they are going to do with this character under the Marvel Studios banner. It would make sense for them to venture into this more mature vertical with certain properties, having Deadpool and perhaps a few other heroes operating in a separate R-rated track that parallels the other MCU properties.

That doesn’t mean the likes of Deadpool could never get into the more family-friendly affairs of the MCU proper, but it would likely mean that The Mercenary with a Mouth would need to be toned down slightly for those audiences. And Marvel could have fun with that. In a character who is literally a walking and talking fourth-wall break, those brief jaunts in PG-13 might offer enough of an excuse to poke fun at exactly that fact.


Truly, there is a way for Disney to have the best of both worlds here, but for starters, many would agree with Rob Liefeld’s comments above. The studio shouldn’t interfere with the good thing the Deadpool movie franchise has going on right now. Just print the check and ask questions later.

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