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Dead Space Creator’s Callisto Protocol: New Screenshots and Details Revealed

Dead Space creator Glen Schofield has revealed new details about his upcoming sci-fi horror The Callisto Protocol – still slated for 2022 – including a combat breakdown, its not-so-subtle Dead Space influence, and more .

In a long interview with Game Informerwith screenshots shared on RedditSchofield explained the game’s basic story. Set 300 years in the future, protagonist Jacob Lee is forced to fight his way through a prison on Jupiter’s moon Callisto which is overrun by all manner of gruesome monsters.

Screenshots from the Callisto Protocol Game Awards trailer

Combat in The Callisto Protocol

Lee is just an average cargo pilot and therefore has no special training. As the game progresses he will gather new weapons, but in the demo shown at Game Informer he is only equipped with a baton, pistol, shotgun and a device called the GRP which allows players to push and pull objects (or enemies) through the environment.

A combination of all the weapons at your disposal will often be needed to get through fights with the once-human crude monsters called Biophages and, according to design director Ben Walker, the player will never feel particularly powerful.

“We want you to be afraid of unique enemies,” he said. “All of these tools that we built for Jacob are for coping with difficulty rather than coming to the end of, ‘hey, you can kill all these cool things, now let’s make enemies’. We did that at the end of the game. upside down for this very reason. You are scared and you have to make the right calls at the right time.

Influence of Dead Space on the Callisto Protocol

Dead Space – a 2008 space-based sci-fi horror game that IGN said was awesome – was also made by Schofield, and it was pretty open-ended to pull ideas straight from Dead Space. “I’m not going to shy away from a good idea because it was in one of my games,” he said. “All game designers look at ideas for other games. Picasso said, ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal’. Well, why not steal from me?”

Screenshots from the Callisto Protocol Game Awards trailer

After leaving EA and Activision, Schofield partnered with PUBG: Battlegrounds, publisher Krafton, whose CEO Chang-Han Kim guaranteed Schofield “100% creative autonomy”.

The Callisto Protocol connection to PUBG: Battlegrounds

While the PUBG connection was confirmed shortly after the game’s reveal, Schofield shared more information about the connection of the two games, saying that even though they are technically the same universe, the Callisto protocol is so far in the future that it doesn’t really matter. (Update: Schofield has since stated that the game “no longer takes place in the PUBG universe”)

“The idea of ​​us being in-universe at first felt really good, and then when you started making up your story, we realized, ‘wow, that’s kinda out there,’” Schofield said. “We’ve built in touchpoints, and you’ll find them throughout the game, like Easter eggs and things like that.”

PUBG is known more for its Battle Royale gameplay than its history, but publisher Krafton has an official lore and timeline for the PUBG universe.

“They’re writing this giant timeline, and our writers are on board to help,” Schofield continued. “We’re sitting on the timeline, but we’re sitting quite far out there, and kind of alone. So if they ever make another game, let’s say it’s after our timeline, I imagine our game will inform that more than we are informed by their timeline.”

The Callisto protocol is expected to be released this year. Coincidentally, EA is also working on a remake of the first Dead Space, something Schofield says is “weird” considering he’s still working in the horror genre.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer who sometimes remembers tweeting @thelastdinsdale. He’ll be talking about The Witcher all day.

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