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CSGO Trading Sites – Tips to Know Before You Trade

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a long-standing title that has maintained and gained popularity over its long lifespan. Between becoming an “OG” esports title, establishing a competitive scene and hordes of active players, CSGO weapon skins have become a veritable showcase of value and prestige. Skins in CSGO open up the community to a whole host of betting and gambling opportunities. If traditional CSGO betting isn’t for you, there’s always the option to trade in skins for you to explore.

CSGO Skin Trading – The Basics

CSGO offers a wide variety of skins to trade. Their value depends on various factors, some internal and some external. Some of the rarer and more expensive CSGO skins fetch prices up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is a lot of activity going on in the world of skin trading on a daily basis.

But before we start trading, let’s go over the basics of skin value and what sets the price for it. First of all, each skin in the game will come under different conditions.

  1. Ex-factory
  2. Minimal wear
  3. Field tested
  4. Well worn
  5. Scarred by battle

Their price will stick to the wear and tear of the skins in most cases except for extremely rare skins, in which case the wear and tear can only add to the value. On top of that, there are differences in the skins and not all skins will be the same. There are varying degrees of skin change depending on the conditions. It increases the value of those who look cool due to their uniqueness. It will be important to understand the differences between these different possibilities.

Another thing to note is the scarcity of skins. Each CSGO skin case will give out a skin that varies depending on the rarity of the items. Here is a list showing the rarity from least rare to most rare.

  • White (Common)
  • Light blue (Uncommon)
  • Darker blue (Rare)
  • Purple (Mythic)
  • Rosy Violet (Legendary)
  • Red (Old)
  • Gold (extremely rare)
  • Yellow Orange (Immortal)
  • Contraband (abandoned)

Once you understand which items drop more frequently, it will be easier to know the true value of the skins. After a while you will start to notice which skins are traded and the amounts they are traded for.

Let’s say you have a skin you want to trade in, or you’ve received a skin you’d like to get rid of. How do you go about making your first trade?

CSGO trading sites

Trading can be a simple case where two people want an equal exchange or one person sees the value of an item and tries to get it for less than it’s worth. You will have to be vigilant and always attentive to the commercial offers which are made to you.

Before you start trading CSGO skins, it’s important to learn about the features that make skins valuable. For example, the AWP Asiimov Battle Scarred skin has a rare trait where the scope will have all of the paint scratched. It greatly increases the value of the hide, but if you ignore it, you won’t know the value of what you have. Much of this knowledge will come from trial and error as well as time spent in forums focused on skin trading.

Once you know the value of your skins, it’s time to find a suitable place to redeem them. This way, choosing the right selection is similar to choosing CSGO betting sites. There are a lot of websites that offer skin exchange services, and it’s hard to know which one to choose. Sites like CS.Money Where are among the most used, but there are many new sites that offer better terms.

Many websites that offer skin exchanges charge a percentage commission of the skin’s value. Many of them may offer a smaller commission if you include the site URL in your Steam nickname. Some will offer a referral program and monthly bonuses. Some even offer free cases. In most cases, selecting the right site is based on your personal preferences.

A word of advice is to use a site that has at least 100,000 transactions made, just to make sure everything is working properly.

Finally, if you just want to get involved in trading skins without actually grinding them into the game, trying to bet CSGO with skins might make sense. We do not recommend it, however. There are other ways you can borrow to get your hands on new skins, raffles, and freebies just by getting them in Twitch Drops.

Now that you have a basic understanding of csgo trading skin sites, get started and start trading! If this isn’t for you, find out how to bet on csgo matches.

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