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Creatures Guide: How to Feed Animals & All Favorite Foods – Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki Guide

Creatures are small animals that roam freely throughout the different locations and kingdoms of Disney Dreamlight Valley. This Critters guide is part of our Collections section and compiles a list of the eight different creatures that can be found in the game, along with their five (sometimes six) different color variants.

Below, you’ll also find everything you need to know about each creature’s location, as well as their favorite foods. Are you looking for something in particular? Click on the links below to access…


How to feed the critters

When you approach creatures in Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have the option to give them snacks in exchange for Dream Shards (by giving them their favorite food) and the ability to unlock companionswhich are basically the closest thing to owning yours animals which will follow you as you explore the different locations and realms the game has to offer.

It is important to keep in mind that critters cannot be fed once every day.

As you’d expect, not all creatures crave human contact, so to feed each animal you’ll need to strategically plan your approachesespecially since alone two variants of each creature will appear in each location each day.

Additionally, each creature in Dreamlight Valley also has their own favorite food that they prefer. When you feed animals these items – which can be found in their respective biomes – you’ll not only complete foraging tasks that will earn you Dreamlight, but you’ll also receive additional rewards in the form of Dreamshards.

How to give squirrels their favorite food


Found roaming the Plaza, squirrels are some of the friendliest creatures you’ll encounter in Dreamlight Valley. Easily accessible, squirrels not move away from you when approached unless it has already been fed in the last 24 hours.

How to Give Rabbits Their Favorite Food

Rabbits are much more temperamental and will continually run away from you when first approached. However, don’t let their antics put you off; and rather, hunt them. As the saying goes, the third time is the charm, as on the third attemptthey will finally settle down and allow you to interact with them.


If you are looking to complete the “Give rabbits their favorite food“, you’ll want to feed them carrots. Carrots can be purchased from Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow or simply grown from seeds that you receive by removing Night Thorns all over the square.

How to Feed Sea Turtles Their Favorite Food

Often found swimming along the water’s edge at Dazzle Beach, sea turtles are particularly shy creatures that hide inside their shells when approached. However, when they retreat into their shell, wait a few moments, and they will soon emerge, allowing you to feed them.

A sea turtle’s favorite food is seaweedwho can be found along the shores of Dazzle the beach or near any water source.

How to give foxes their favorite food


Like rabbits, foxes will run away from you first when first approached. As a result, you’ll have to chase these cheeky creatures multiple times until they finally stop and allow you to approach them.

Foxes prefer fish as one of their ideal snacks, with white sturgeon being their favourite. White Sturgeon can often be caught in the orange/gold fishing spots that spawn in Frosted Heights.

How to give raccoons their favorite food

Raccoons are temperamental creatures that will run away from you if you approach them too quickly. To properly approach raccoons, you will only want to move towards them when they are looking down. They will quickly run away if you move while they are alerted, which is indicated by them having their heads up. Approaching raccoons isn’t easy, so don’t be discouraged if it takes several tries before you’re successful.


Blueberries are a raccoon’s favorite food. and can be found on bushes in the Forest of Valor or along Dazzle the beach.

You’ll need to clear the main deck of tree stumps first to reach the raccoons that roam this Forest of Valor. This can only be done after receiving the Shovel Blade upgrade, which is obtained during Anna’s Home quest which is unlocked through the Frozen Realm.

How to give crocodiles their favorite food

Like raccoons, crocodiles are timid creatures that will run away if you approach them too quickly. The key to approaching crocodiles is to only move towards them when they are looking down. They will quickly run away if you move while they are alerted with their heads up.

Lobster is the favorite food of Crocodiles, which can be caught when fishing in the Golden Fishing Grounds in Trust Glade.

How to give sunbirds their favorite food


Despite their fast speed, Sunbirds are surprisingly friendly creatures, so if they haven’t already approached you first, chase after them and they’ll eventually stop, allowing you to approach them.

When feeding Sunbirds, be sure to pick Houseleek Flowers from the Sunny Plateau, as they happen to be their favorite food.

How to give crows their favorite food

Check back soon for more details.

How to Get Creature Companions


Getting a companion is quite simple, as all you have to do is feed the same creature variant – any food will do – twice.

Unfortunately, it’s important to note that critters can only be fed once every 24 hours, so obtaining a companion can take several days, as the variants of critters spawning in each location will differ daily.

After feed a particular creature variant twice, they will be unlocked through your Collection Journal. Once unlocked, visit the wardrobe menu and select Companion. Here you will find all the creatures available to follow you.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Creatures

You can interact with the creatures by approaching them and giving them food they will like. Typically, a creature will enjoy food that grows in the biome it comes from.


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