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Crafting guide: How to craft the best items in the Prehistory chapter – Live a Live Wiki Guide

From the start of Live A Live’s Prehistory Chapter, we will be able to craft an array of items by going through a tunnel in the southeast corner of the central area of ​​the cave. We can then find two more item crafters in the desert after Pogo, Gori, and Beru have been banished for fighting Zaki.


If you’re wondering what is the most powerful gear these NPCs can craft, check out the crafting guide below for an overview of the mechanics and a list of the best items you can craft in the Prehistory chapter.

Crafting guide: How to craft the best items in the Prehistory chapter

If you’re looking for powerful gear, head to one or the other the item craftsman in the southeast tunnel of the cave hub or one or the other the two craftsmen of objects in the desert. If you give this seller two materials, he can combine them. There is a long list of equipment you can create by merging and combining items, but we are going to equip you with the best ones. If you need more crafting materials, go back to haystack mini game in the cave next to Pogo and Gori’s room. If you win, you will get a bunch of materials.

Now, let’s prepare some good material. Below I will list recipes that make powerful gear. Everything listed below can be acquired from the Haystack minigame:

Crafting recipe Article created
Bone + Hard Rock stone knife
Bone Knife + Stone Quick spear
Dried Skins + Stone Knife Wild Heart Armor
Bones + Skin Animal skin cap
Dried Skins + Hard Rock Bong Glove
Beast horn + bone Rumble strips
Beast Fang + Dried Hides laughter mask
Skin + Stone Knife Leather bracelet
Hard Stone + Stone Knife Fertility Charm
Leather bracelet + stone knife furious knife

The above items contain a mixture of armor, weapons and accessories. Craft and equip whatever you want, then level up.


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