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Conor McGregor left in awe of Instagram creator Alex Traterrestre’s fan-art

UFC star Conor McGregor was stunned by fan art created on an iPad. Instagram artist Alex Traterrestre caught up with McGregor and showed off his work. It has a drawing of ‘Notorious’ in a frame but with the added bonus that it lights up.

McGregor was impressed and couldn’t believe the talent of the artist or that it was done entirely on an iPad. The Irishman was so impressed he asked if he could keep the artwork for himself. Traterrestre himself was stunned as he had hoped his work was good enough just for a signing from the Irishman.

The artist wrote on his Instagram:

“The Notorious Conor McGregor loves my art!! It’s great.”

The couple spoke at the dock next to McGregor’s yacht and the fighter couldn’t contain how impressed he was with the job:

“I love it young man. Wow. What does it light up too? Wow! It’s great… Mate it’s very very good [McGregor then shakes the artist’s hand]. Is this a gift for me or do you want me to sign it? I would like to have it. Please man, I would like that. It’s good. I really appreciate that.”

Traterrestre Alex was also in awe of his hero and couldn’t believe “Notorious” wanted to bring his artwork home. Captioning the video on Instagram, Traterrestre wrote:

“Honestly, I just wanted a signature but Conor loved the frame so I gave it to him!! That’s absolutely insane! Thanks again champ, I’m grateful!”

Watch the moment Conor McGregor saw Alex Traterrestrial fan-art here:

Tito Ortiz thinks Conor McGregor could fight Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler delivered an electrifying octagon promo at UFC 274 when he called out the former two-time champion. It put MMA fans on high alert as McGregor confirmed he was close to full physical fitness.

However, UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz thinks “Mystic Mac” could battle Chandler the same way he did against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Ortiz said in a recent interview with Helen Yee:

“It makes no sense for Conor McGregor. Chandler is a wrestler who can punch. That’s not Conor’s strength. Khabib really showed that and what he can do with it. Poirier also showed what he can do with wrestling too and with hitting. For Conor to come back after the injury he had, I have nothing but respect for the guy. The guy has a steel rod in his leg and still wants come back and compete.

In a now-deleted tweet, McGregor first answered Michael Chandler’s call, admitting it was a fight he would be interested in.

Although there is no set return date for the Irish star, fans can expect to see the fighter make his long-awaited comeback before the end of 2022. Currently, his opponent remains a mystery.

Watch Tito Ortiz discuss Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler here:

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