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Chrome page source information moved

It looks like Google wants its shiny new side panel to be even more comprehensive than we initially thought. Yes, it stores bookmarks, Google Lens, History Journeys, Reading list and more, but that’s just not enough, is it?

According Leoparda64 on Twitter, which initially reported this issue to us, Google is also testing another integration for the right (or left) side of your browser! As you can see below, the “About this page” text that you normally receive regarding the website developer will now appear in the side panel.

Leoparda64 tested this with YouTube and saw a breakdown of Wikipedia, as well as where the site was first indexed (obviously it’s Google in this case) and related web results. We’ve previously reported this style of “Knowledge Graph” information delivery appearing in the browser’s Omnibox lock icon for a website.

Moving all this data from the padlock as a drop-down dialog to the side panel seems like a good move, in my opinion, but I continue to worry that the company is “overloading” the popular new tool with just too much a lot. At some point I imagine this will become less useful as the user will have to navigate between several different elements, but hopefully Google will continue to implement contextual configuration like it does with Lens to prevent this not happen.

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