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Chairman of the Board’s Wiki page vandalized in honor of Norm Macdonald

The Wikipedia page of the film Carrot Top Chairman of the Board is vandalized in honor of a great moment by the late Norm Macdonald.

Norm Macdonald Receives Appropriate Tribute As Film’s Wikipedia Page President of the council is vandalized in his honor. Released in 1998, President of the council Star comedian and frequent punching bag Carrot Top as the inventor of surfing. The comedy vehicle ultimately turned out to be a huge box office flop as it only grossed $ 181,000 on a $ 10 million budget.

Indeed the world would probably have forgotten President of the council entirely without a memorable appearance by then-SNL Macdonald star on Late night with Conan O’Brien where he turned the film’s title into a hilarious punchline. Macdonald, who died last week at the age of 61, hijacked O’Brien’s 1997 interview with President of the council actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, making fun of her for being in a movie with Carrot Top which he believes should be called “Poison at the box office. “Things got so derailed in the interview that an exasperated O’Brien finally challenged Macdonald to make a joke about the film’s title President of the council. Demonstrating his characteristic quick-wittedness, Macdonald retaliated “I bet ‘Board’ is written BORED. “


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Indeed, this memorable appearance on a talk show has often returned during the tributes paid to Macdonald following his death. Now a Wikipedia vandal has taken it a step further by editing the page to President of the council to rename the movie President of boredom. Since the page will certainly be back to normal soon, there is a screenshot of the tribute to Macdonald in the space below:

President of The Bored Wikipedia Tribute to Norm Macdonald

The news of Macdonald’s death from cancer at the age of 61, of course, shocked the entertainment world, as the comedian had kept his health concerns private. Following the news of Macdonald’s death, social media was understandably inundated with tributes from fans and fellow comedians, and posting clips of Macdonald’s many hilarious talk show appearances became a means to his admirers to honor his passing while remembering how funny he was. In addition to his excellent appearances on the O’Brien show, Macdonald has also had a lot of fun with David Letterman over the years, achieving his first TV stand-up on the Letterman show and also appearing as the final issue. stand-up on The late show before Letterman retired.

Macdonald’s Carrot Top appearance on the O’Brien show may not have been his greatest performance yet, but it certainly resulted in one of his most infamous moments. Thankfully, Thorne-Smith later said she wasn’t offended by Macdonald’s teasing and actually took it as a compliment. Macdonald himself also later expressed regret for being mean to Carrot Top and apologized. But Carrot Top really shouldn’t be offended either, because without Macdonald’s epic President of boredom joke, surely the world would have long forgotten President of the council.

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