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Built-in Strategies 2 – Crimson Solitaire – CN Event Page | Wiki Knights Of The Zodiac


Condition: Defeat the final boss of the 5th level [Lucian, ‘Blood Diamond’] without unlocking the requirements for the other 2 endings.



Condition: During the “Suspense?” select “太可怜了,仔细观堂” (Spend 1 hope) then “拉起玩偶” to get the “Worn Puppet” relic. By holding the “Worn Puppet”, the final boss of the 5th level becomes [Big Sad Lock]. Defeat Big Sad Lock without unlocking the Ending 3 requirements to get Ending 2. Note: After getting “Worn-out Puppet”, the “Crazy Puppets” side mission can appear, by selecting the “護住玩偶” option 3 times (-3 Objective HP in total) will give you the “Useless Scissors” relic (Original Ingot +11, Hope +3). After obtaining “Useless Scissors”, the secondary mission “Suspension?” may appear, selecting “询问对方姓名” will allow you to get the “Blank Suicide Note” relic. (Deletes [Big Sad Lock]’s Regen)


End 3

Condition: During “Participating in a Banquet” event, select “白得一套衣服” to get the relic “Coat of the Wrongfully Condemned” (all friendly units cost +2 DP.) Then you will get also (received from the 3rd boss) the “substitute actor” relic. (All friendly units have +3% ATK, DEF and max HP.) Later during the “A Gathering of Followers” event, select “推门而入” to get the “Abrupt Achievement” relic . While holding the relic, complete the 5th level to unlock the hidden 6th level, defeat the 6th level boss “‘Mouthpiece Troop'” to get this ending.

End: Silent

(available after content expansion)


Condition: Complete 1 round of Crimson Solitaire to unlock 2 collectibles. In the ‘Do not disturb them’ event, choose ‘Come closer to listen’. Enter the ‘self-binding’ battle node. The reward is ‘Dance of Prisoners’ (reduce redeployment by 10%). With this item you can get the “Revenge Script” event. Choose “see what the other writes” and enter the “observe” battle. The reward is “First Scene” (+3 Hope, causes a different ending). This unlocks the Tier 6 node, and “New Rebooted Chapter” unlocks the “Silent Chapter”.

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