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BGMI Content Creator Paras Official Provides Update on Alleged Assaults in New Video

The Battle Royale gaming community was shocked when it learned of the assault on BGMI content creator Paras Singh, whose channel, Paras Official, has over 900,000 subscribers. The YouTuber has reached out to the people, the Punjab police and the government for their support against this heinous crime.

Paras Singh was brutally beaten by a gang of eight in a video where he spoke about the pangs of popularity. According to the latest developments, another popular YouTuber, Super Khalsa, is giving his full support so that Paras gets the justice he deserves.

Paras New Official Video Features Super Khalsa Supporting Content Creator BGMI

The video, which was uploaded by Paras on April 13, 2022, showed Super Khalsa, an international wrestler and YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers, stating that he will stand by content creator BGMI to make sure the issue is resolved. resolved. The popular wrestler also mentioned that he contacted the police so that the gang could be arrested quickly.

Paras thanked him for his support and saluted all the famous YouTubers who shared their support on social media and YouTube. He also mentioned how the police are doing their best to ensure the goons are caught and punished.

Paras’ mother also shared how Super Khalsa helped her ensure the FIR was successfully filed and how he helped with the paperwork. She is optimistic about the international wrestler’s support for his fellow YouTuber.

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On April 11, 2022, the BGMI YouTuber was brutally attacked inside his home at 6:00 a.m. IST. A gang of eight people, all armed with weapons, beat him up. Viewers were shocked to see his pitiful condition in the video above, where he explained how the goons broke his nose, one of his hands and one of his legs.

The cause of the fight was a video uploaded by the YouTuber regarding popularity. Famous YouTubers including Legend X, AQSA YT, Gaming With Mighty, and Cool Gaming have spoken about how strongly they stand with Paras in his quest for justice.

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