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Best companion apps and sites

Destiny 2 is an incredibly complex game for a new player, which is why the community and Bungie have worked hard to simplify the game and some of its features to make playing easier and more enjoyable.

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Players looking to make their Destiny 2 grind, whether in PVP or PVE, ten times easier and simpler, have a bunch of apps and sites to choose from to help them on their journey. Here are the companion apps and sites every gamer should try.


11 Fate tracking

As for pure raw stats, Fate tracking is the place to check out all things Crucible stats. Players who are deep into PVP in particular will want to connect their account to Destiny Tracker to keep track of their own stats and even check the stats of their squad members and opponents.

This site is convenient in the sense that Destiny 2 itself doesn’t show all the cool stats players might want to know when playing PVP, so having a site like this is incredibly helpful for any hardcore PVP players who take the grind very seriously.

ten Destiny Raid Report

On the other side of the tryhard spectrum is Destiny Raid Report. Raiding is the most popular end-game activity, often favored by the most dedicated PVE players, and this tracker is fantastic for keeping track of all raid-related stats.

Players can also view stats for all other player squad members by using the search function. It’s more of a niche tool for PVE players, but for those who like to do weekly raids, it’s an absolute must.

9 Where is Xur?

Xur is one of the best sellers in the game, but he only comes on Fridays and leaves at reset time on Tuesdays. Due to this limited presence and random appearance, players will want to know where he is each week and what exactly he sells.

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Those who cannot get to the game immediately can use the Where is Xur site to check where it can be found and what it has in its inventory. This is the fastest way to get all information about Xur at Friday reset time.

8 Today in fate

You do not know what to do ? Want to know which Lost Sectors and Nightfall weapons are in the rotation? Today in fate is kind of like a journal for the game that notifies players of rotating activities, from Nightfalls to rotating Crucible game modes to Lost Sectors.

This is an incredibly powerful tool for those struggling to keep up with Nightfall and Lost Sector rotations in particular, as the site lists all of the modifiers for those challenges, as well as Exotic gear and Nightfall weapons in rotation. for that day or week.

seven Light.GG

This versatile site is the bread and butter for Destiny 2 players, with a number of tools. Players can use it to track their triumphs and seal progress, but it also has a comprehensive catalog of all weapons and gear in the game, where to get them, and what scrolls they can get.

Considering all that can be achieved with this site, it’s pretty much a must-have for all gamers and it’s likely that every Destiny 2 the player will visit Light.GG at least at some point during their Destiny 2 career.

6 Fate Recipes

Fate Recipes is an incredibly powerful tool for players who always want to be prepared and efficient in their grind. The site offers a few important tools, including a pre-season checklist where players can track how much XP they have stored for the next season, as well as Glimmer and planetary materials.

Over the course of a season, the site also has another tool that lists all the activities players can and should do to increase their power level, and even shows with gear still need a boost. inch. It does a fantastic job of recommending when players should prioritize Power Rewards over Pinnacle Rewards, so for an effective Power Level grind, this site is a must-have tool.

Now let’s move on to the official tools that Bungie has given its players. Bungie Fireteam Research is somewhat underrated and sometimes even unknown to some newer players. The name is exactly what this feature is: a service through which players can quickly find teammates to play in any activity they desire.

This is especially useful for solo players who want to complete Pinnacle PVE activities that might require a full firefighting team, such as high-difficulty Dares of Eternity and Wellspring. That said, it can also be used for PVP, Raids, Nightfalls, and just about anything else.

4 Destiny 2 Companion App

Another official Bungie tool, the Destiny 2 Companion App is the essential tool for any goalkeeper on the move and away from their console or PC. The application can be downloaded on mobile devices and displays daily information on suppliers and premiums.

Players can also use the app to purchase bounties on the fly without having to return to the tower again and again. This can be very useful if players are about to start an activity and realize that they forgot to pick up bounties for it.

3 Armorer D2

Grinding godroll weapons is one of the main joys of Destiny 2and what better tool to use for that than the Armorer D2 to place? Here players can search for any weapon in the game and view perk options for each column.

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Players can also choose perks to see which combinations best suit their playstyle and preferences, as the site displays the exact stats and debuffs for each perk. This is incredibly useful if getting the best weapons is essential for the player.

2 D2 Armor Selector

Regarding armor and stats, players should try the D2 Armor Selector. At first glance, this tool looks a bit intimidating, with all the little features it has. That said, if players are desperate to create a level 3 build, which is basically three stats maxed out at 100, then this armor selector is a must to avoid wasting stats.

The Armor Selector works beautifully in conjunction with DIM, so all players need to do is connect their account and then copy and paste the Armor Selector request into DIM to receive their perfected armor set. The features also allow players to build around certain Exotics and subclass shards, which is nice.

1 Destiny Item Manager

Arguably the most important companion for everything Destiny 2 the player is Destiny Item Manager or DIM. Any new player who doesn’t already have it should connect their account to DIM immediately, as this will save them from having to manually visit their tower vault again and again.

DIM allows players to extract and transfer items from their vault to their inventories (and even between characters) with just a few clicks. The site also allows players to mark all items in their vault, which makes clearing the vault much easier. The site also has other features, such as the ability for players to save loadouts for easy application and provider overview. If there is one site players absolutely must use, then DIM is definitely the one.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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