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Attack On Titan Launches New Art From The Creator Of A Silent Voice

The end is near for the anime adaptation of The attack of the Titans, and while there have been rumors that the Dark Franchise may have new animated projects in the works, the Scout Regiment story is set to end next year. While there has been a lot of fan art to help celebrate The Boy Scout Regiment, a new piece has arrived that brings Eren Jaeger to life from the creator of the prolific animated film, A silent voice.

You won’t find much in common when it comes to the respective works of Hajime Isayama and Yoshitoki Oima, as the latter’s work, A silent voice, is a romantic comedy rather than a grim struggle for survival involving people transforming into extremely tall versions of themselves with a taste for human flesh. Arrived on the scene in 2016, A silent voice follows a young high school student named Shoya Ishida who meets a former victim of his teenage bullying. With deaf student Shouko Nishimiya being one of his victims, Shoya finds himself trying to find redemption years later by trying to make amends to his past victim.

Twitter Outlet Attack On Titan Wiki shared this new take on the The attack of the Titans fan art from one of the biggest artists in the business, proving the mangaka really are fans of each other as the dark series following The Scout Regiment is set to end in its anime adaptation early next year:

The MAPPA studio will resume its animation functions for the last episodes of the fourth season of The attack of the Titans, which is sure to be one of the darkest episodes in the franchise yet. With the previous half of the season ending on a cliffhanger, Eren now watches the full strength of Marley’s nation as he tries to implement a ‘euthanasia plan’, which he hopes will end power. Titans forever. As Eren established his cult known as the Jaegerists, the Survey Corps was placed in an impossible situation where the line between friend and foe became even blurred.

What do you think of this awesome crossover art? Please feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things about comics, cartoons, and the world of titans.

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