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ARK Survival Evolved: How to Get Runestones

Ruestones are special items that were introduced in the Fjordur DLC to ARK: Survival Evolved. These items are used to summon new bosses and can only be obtained by defeating alpha creatures.

Our guide will provide you tips on how to get runestones in ARK: Survival Evolved. Currently, there are eight Alpha Beasts in Fjordur, and below you’ll find their locations and possible drops.

How to Get Runestones in ARK

Alpha Carnotaurus Locations

Alpha Carnotaurus dinos are very aggressive and will immediately attack you as soon as they see you. Be especially wary of their headbutt.

They usually roam the western and northeastern regions of Fjordur, such as Snærheimr Mountains and Runeheimr Forest.

Recommended mounts against Alpha Carnotaurus are Rex, Therizinosaurus, Spino, or Baryonyx. This dino is most vulnerable in water, which slows it down considerably.

Possible drops of Alpha Carnotaurus

  • To hide
  • Keratin
  • Premium raw meat
  • Alpha Carnotaurus Arm
  • Rex Bone Helmet Skin
  • Runestones

Alpha Karkinos Locations

The Karkinos Giant Crab can be seen inside flooded caves or in rivers in the northeast part of Fjordur, such as Fornland and Forbourg.

It is usually very aggressive and attacks all nearby creatures, even those that are much larger.

The best mount against Karkinos is Spino, who can easily fend him off. But you can also use Rock Drake or Megalosaurus with many things.

Possible drops of Alpha Karkinos

  • Alpha Karkinos Claw
  • organic polymer
  • Chitin
  • Raw meat
  • Runestones

Alpha Leedsichthys locations

Alpha Leedsichthys is basically a giant white fish that is usually very passive, but once it spots a raft on the surface of the water it immediately attacks.

As a rule, this fish roams in the central, southern and eastern areas of the sea and the water channels of the Fjordur.

The best mounts against this beast are Megalodon or Sarco, which can deal enough damage to kill Leedsichthys.

Possible drops of Alpha Leedsichthys

  • To hide
  • raw fish meat
  • raw fish meat
  • Alpha Leedsichthys Fat
  • Captain’s hat skin
  • Runestones

Alpha Megalodon Locations

This giant shark can be found in the Fjordur Sea almost anywhere, but the greatest chance of encountering one is in the underwater cave located between Balheimr Island and Vannaland continent.

Alpha Megalodon is much more aggressive than Leedsichthys and usually attacks accompanied by other sharks.

The only mount capable of killing Alpha Megalodon is Baryonyx, if you combine it with weapons such as Pike, Harpoon, or Crossbow.

Possible drops of Alpha Megalodon

  • raw fish meat
  • Alpha Megalodon Fin
  • Runestones

Alpha Mosasaur Locations

Mosasaur is a giant reptilian who likes to live underwater. It hunts smaller dinosaurs that rest on the banks or enter the water.

You will most likely find them on the Bolbjord Island in the western part of Fjordur, or somewhere near the Abyssal Depths.

Since Mosasaurs mostly stay underwater, you need to use mounts such as Megalodon, Basilosaurus, or Manta to be able to hunt down an Alpha Mosasaur.

Possible drops of Alpha Mosasaur

  • Rod
  • Premium raw meat
  • raw fish meat
  • black pearls
  • alpha mosasaur tooth
  • Fireworks Rocket Launcher Skin
  • Runestones

Alpha Raptor Locations

Alpha Raptors might not be super tall, but they are extremely fast and deal a ton of damage, so don’t underestimate these beasts.

You can usually find them in the West Vannaland or north of Vardiland Island.

Raptors are very susceptible to bleeds, so use mounts such as Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo, or Deinonychus against him.

Possible Alpha Raptor Drops

  • To hide
  • Premium raw meat
  • Alpha Raptor Claw
  • Rex Bone Helmet Skin
  • Runestones

Alpha T-Rex Locations

Alpha T-Rex dinosaurs often inhabit the same areas as raptors, but they are much rarer and also much more dangerous.

The easiest way to tell if the T-Rex in your neighborhood is an alpha is by the bright red coloring, whereas the regular Rex will be smaller and pale green in color.

An apex predator like Alpha T-Rex requires at least 20 ballista turret shots to drop. Mounts like Argentavis or Thylacoleo can also help you.

Possible Alpha T-Rex Falls

  • To hide
  • Premium raw meat
  • Alpha Rex Trophy
  • Alpha Tyrannosaurus Tooth
  • Trike Bone Helmet Skin
  • Runestones

Alpha Tusoteuthis Locations

The last alpha creature inhabiting the Fjordur is a giant octopus, which can rarely be seen in the central part of the Fjordur Sea.

They usually swim very deep and they are also very slow. As soon as it spots a player, it starts moving towards them and immediately attacks.

The only mount capable of effectively damaging Alpha Tusoteuthis is Basilosaurus. Also try to aim your attacks at its beak for maximum damage.

Alpha Tusoteuthis possible drops

  • Keratin
  • raw fish meat
  • raw fish meat
  • Absorbent substrate
  • black pearls
  • Tusoteuthis Oil
  • Tusoteuthis Tentacle
  • Runestones

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That’s all you need to know about how to get runestones ARK: Survival Evolved. The spawn map images are from the ARK fan wiki spawn map tool.

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