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Abilities, prices and how to unlock Geraldo (update 31)

Bloons TD 6 Update 31 is officially live with brand new content for players to jump into, including the addition of Geraldo, the Mystical Trader, who brings a slew of items to blast.

Geraldo joins many other heroes in Bloons TD 6 and, like many others, includes new special abilities that players can use. So if you can’t wait to find out more about Geraldo, here’s everything you need to know about the latest hero to join. Bloons TD 6 as part of update 31.

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brawlhalla | Update 6.06 Trailer





Bloons TD 6: Geraldo New Hero Abilities, Prices & How To Unlock

Geraldo is a new mystical trader who joined the game as part of Update 31. In Geraldo’s shop, players will find a plethora of support items to buy and use. According to the official Bloons TD 6 Wiki page, Geraldo can also gain new items in his shop as he levels up, and also has an explosive lightning attack that deals 2 damage and up to 5 balloons.

Geraldo’s price per level can be found below:

  • Easy = $510
  • Medium = $600
  • Difficult = $650
  • Unlikely = $720

If Hero Favors is enabled, Geraldo’s cost is as follows:

  • Easy = $460
  • Medium = $540
  • Difficult = $585
  • Unlikely = $650

Geraldo can also be unlocked with a one-time purchase of $5,000. Players will be able to purchase Geraldo by visiting the “Heroes” section at the bottom of the main menu.

The new hero is also able to level up with each passing turn once placed, like other heroes, the maximum level Geraldo can reach is level 20, which requires a total of 17,280XP to reach.

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Along with the inclusion of Geraldo, there are plenty of other changes also included in Update 31, check out some of the details from the official patch notes below:

  • New hero, Geraldo the mystical trader!
    • A daring adventurer and seeker of beautiful things, Geraldo explored the far and mysterious reaches of the ape world to assemble his signature collection.
    • Geraldo is next to nothing without his shop, so select the ‘Shop’ icon next to Geraldo’s portrait when selected; the shop will remember its open or closed state for easy access and can be opened/closed for PC users with the special Monkey (PageDown) key
    • Shop items have a variety of uses – some on the map, some on the track, some target monkeys or sub-towers; they all have to be taken from the store to the playground
    • Get ready for a wild ride, as Geraldo is destined to be a ‘build’ hero, supporting a variety of strategies designed to evolve; loads of development time and balance behind this one – we hope you enjoy the mysteries!
  • New Bloon Boss – Vortex, Deadly Master of Air!
    • Affectionately known as the speedy boi, but it might be a while before you feel any affection for this incredibly tough boss.
    • Appears with a temporary wind shield that for a short time blows away any projectiles that are too slow to pass through it
    • Bloon’s natural spawns are enhanced by Vortex’s wake, moving at incredible speeds until they catch up
    • On Skulls Vortex stuns all nearby towers with a burst of lightning, activates its storm shield and knocks back a short distance
    • Periodically triggers a storm surge that destroys all projectiles within a large radius
    • Distributed placements and ranged attacks are the key to victory – good luck!
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