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A modern-day thriller on Caroline Overington’s Wikipedia page

Haigh is now Overington’s partner.


Spotted: Former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari sneaking around the Melbourne parliamentary precinct. Former right-wing NSW broker resigned from Parliament in 2018 after revelations he tipped off donor ALP Huang Xiang Mo, the Chinese billionaire property developer, that authorities were likely tapping his phone. On Wednesday morning, Dasher was observed at the Park Hyatt hotel in Melbourne. At 3 p.m. he was in the vicinity of 1 Treasury Place, the complex where Premier Daniel Andrew’s offices are located.


There’s nothing like a fast approaching federal election to anger political natives against factional bosses. Members of the New South Wales Liberal Party branch fear that the party’s powerful state executive is obstructing pre-selections as part of a sneaky attempt to decide on candidates.

And the fingers are pointing at the Minister of Immigration and the powerful faction leader Alex Hawk.

On Tuesday, the Warringah Branch President Lee Furlong circulated a petition calling for a closing date for the pre-selection, so that the candidates could be finalized before the end of the year.

“Your [branch officials] remain frustrated first with the time taken to open pre-selection and the lack of progress on a closing date,” he said. “We were hoping to see this process completed before the Christmas holidays.”

Branch members are concerned that the bosses of state executive factions are deliberately pushing back the closing date so that officials, rather than members, can step in and screen candidates.

The moderate and right-wing factions of the party want the preselections concluded quickly, while the centre-right faction controlled by Hawke – Prime Minister by Scott Morrison representative of the state executive – awaits instructions from the Prime Minister.

Head office sources say the timing is similar to other federal elections. Additionally, officials are busy checking nominations for four NSW by-elections and local government elections ahead of the federal pre-selections.

But suspicions persist that the slowness is a factional ploy to get more centre-right candidates nominated.

A source said the process was “hijacked by a schedule pushed by Alex Hawke” which had hampered shortlisting for months.

“They cut the time because they don’t think a democratic process is going to produce the results they want.”

In 2017, Prime Minister Tony Abbott championed reforms to give members control over pre-selections. But the state executive still controls the schedule.

Hawke did not return requests for comment.


Tuesday night, 7:30 a.m.The loss of was certainly the gain of the cinema crowd. Aunt viewers contacted the column to rate the host Leigh Sales was absent from her usual role as host of the public broadcaster’s most important daily current affairs programme, leaving the duties to the chief political correspondent Laura Tingle.

Turns out Sales was on a mission. A red carpet assignment, in fact, resplendent with a crimson lip on the red carpet at the premiere of the new james bond browse no time to die.

And she hit the jackpot, with coverage in both and the Daily Mail, which noted that the Walkley winner “chosen a stylish ensemble consisting of a long-sleeved black blouse and ruffled skirt. ‘matching wide-leg pants’ and ’48- The 1-year-old ABC reporter pulled her blonde hair back from her face in a slicked back hairstyle and chose pale makeup with a talking hot pink lipstick “.

A spokeswoman for Auntie made it clear to us about the sales – which doubles as a host of the popular Cat 10, Look 3 podcast – had taken a day off “annual leave”. For a date with a steel-eyed assassin Daniel Craig and additional content for the podcast, we would do the exact same thing.

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