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Rachel Allen tries to change Wikipedia page due to major mistakes

Rachel Allen revealed that she tried to edit her Wikipedia page because her age and name had been wrong for years.

The celebrity chef celebrated her 50th birthday last month, together with friends and family at her home in County Cork.

But according to Wikipedia, the award-winning author still has a few months to go until his milestone birthday.

And while many stars are trying to reduce their age by a few years, Rachel said she has no problem aging and has tried to correct the error on the online platform.

She told the Irish Mirror: “He says it’s March and no, it’s October 11th.

“And I tried to change it on Wikipedia but I can’t.

Laughing, the mother of three added, “It also says my last name or my first name is Helen and it’s not, that’s funny, isn’t it?”

The successful cookery presenter and writer believes aging is a blessing and has said she is embracing the new decade of her life rather than turning away from it.

“I totally agree with that,” she said.

“I’m just thankful to be alive and touching wood, healthy.

“I didn’t do much, I just wanted to be with my family and friends. I had a few good evenings, ”she added.

And after a few difficult years in her family life, including her son Joshua’s high-profile issues with the law, she feels aging and her life experience has helped her stay calm and collected.

“Now I don’t know if my girlfriends would say that. All my friends that I just ranted about, ”she joked, but then wondered,“ I don’t know. Am i calm

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“I guess you kind of have to learn to be calm, there’s no point in really panicking,” she explained.

“I probably got better as I got older trying to get into a situation calmly, better, but not good but probably better than I was.”

The calm nature will come in handy for Ballymaloe’s busy chef and teacher who is in the process of relocating from his famous East Cork home, before embarking on new construction with her husband Isaac and their children.

She said: “We are moving right now.

“We’re building again, and moving into another house by the minute so it’s kinda crazy. “

Their plush pillow at Shanagarry in Midleton, which has hosted Rachel’s shows over the years, went on sale for € 795,000 in April 2020 and finally sold out this summer.

Rachel and Isaac on their wedding day.
Rachel and Isaac on their wedding day.

After moving the rest of the belongings from their old home last week, Rachel said she and her family will be spending Christmas in a new rented home while they begin their new construction.

But ready for the new chapter, Rachel said, “It will definitely be bittersweet, but I’m really excited to be rebuilding.

“It will be all a mixture of emotions.”

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